Healthy People Should Not Wear Face Masks

From Dr. Jim Meehan: My response to Mayor Bynum regarding mandating masks in Tulsa, OK: 

Show me the science supporting universal mask wear in the community for SARS CoV-2, or influenza for that matter. I’ve been reading and reviewing it like the physician and former medical journal editor I am for months now, and I can’t find credible evidence that supports wearing masks. They don’t work they way you and the general public seem to believe they do. Which is exactly why we have never recommended universal mask wearing in the community for influenza! Which is also why we were told by Fauci, the Surgeon General, and the WHO not to wear masks…way back in January and February. What changed? It sure wasn’t the science.Please show me and the rest of your constituents the data “trend” that Dr. Dart used to convince you to mandate masking Tulsa citizens. The only trend I see is a trend in increasing cases, decreasing deaths, and a hospital and ICU use that are well below capacity. In other words, a trend towards herd immunity, the best and only way to beat a highly transmissible virus.The trend for which you will be responsible when you mask Oklahomans this late in the game, when a highly infectious and transmissible virus is well established and spreading rapidly in our population, is an unnecessarily dangerous trend in which you convert asymptomatic and mild cases (the overwhelming majority of cases) into much worse and potentially lethal cases. Mandating mask wear for everyone could be the very worst thing you could possibly do.Your mandate will be responsible harming the citizens of Tulsa. History will not look kindly on decisions like this, and claiming “Dart told me to do it” will not provide you cover.When you mask someone with an asymptomatic or mild case of CoVID-19, you force the wearer to re-breathe and inhale their own infectious viral particles. These viral particles need to be cleared from the lungs, not re-inhaled to increase the viral load and worsen the infection.Mandating that healthy adults and children wear face masks in public during an Oklahoma summer will force them to constantly touch, reposition, remove, misuse, mishandle, and reuse their warm, moist, contaminated masks. This will increase disease in the population, even when mask wearers aren’t re-breathing their own SARS CoV-2 viral particles.Furthermore, mandating face masks will induce arterial deoxygenation and re-breathing CO2. Not only does this cause headaches, brain fog, and anxiety, it suppresses the immune system, making improperly handled, touched, dirty, and contaminated masks an even more serious risk to health.

The real science does not support universal mask mandates.

Additionally, there are new concerns, raised by Senator Rob Standridge, that masks may INCREASE transmission of SARS CoV-2 by CREATING aerosolized infectious particles. The heat and forces of our breathing may fractionate and transform the larger respiratory droplets on the inner surface of the mask into tiny “droplet nuclei” that our breath pushes through and out of the mask, releasing infectious viral particles in an aerosalized form. In effect, the mask becomes a substrate that atomizes large particles into smaller particles capable of remaining suspended in the local environment for hours.I’m not surprised Dart would proffer this ridiculous recommendation. Local Department of Health agencies are little more than than local #CDC Branch Officers. Dart lives in a CDC echo chamber that indoctrinates him to support CDC policies. Dart has little choice but to represent the interests of the same CDC that has bungled every #Pandemic operation they have touched. The same CDC that chose and promoted the fraudulent #Ferguson#ImperialModel predicting 2.2 million deaths in the U.S.; the same CDC that has repeatedly flipped, flopped, and lied to the American people about community wearing of masks; the same CDC that was more than a month late in producing a working PCR test, and when they finally did, it was contaminated with Coronavirus and had to be recalled; the same CDC whose taxpayer funded scientists own and receive royalties for vaccine and drug patents that bias their decision making and conflict their interests.Dart is doing exactly what his CDC masters told him to do – misguide you with the most recent (changed) version of their contrived false narrative being pushed out all over the country despite overwhelming evidence that the pandemic is winding down. 

If you mandate universal masking you risk worsening the death count as asymptomatic and mild cases are forced to re-breathe their own viral particles, increase their viral load, and potentially increase the death count. The exact opposite effect for which they are intended.Universal mask mandates are the nefarious next step necessary to potentiate a #Plandemic rise in case fatalities and the opportunity for those with ulterior motives to return us to lock-downs, shelter-in-place, and national economic destruction. If you can’t see what is going on, GT, then you are incapable of safely protecting the citizens of Tulsa from whatever deep-state operation comes next.Tulsa needs real leadership right now. We need a leader with the intellect, discernment, and courage to recognize the repeated mistakes, biases, and conflicts of interest behind the CDC that has resulted in lying to the public, constantly shifting recommendations, and constantly moving of the goal posts during this pandemic.I invite you and Dr. Dart to contact the Pat Campbell show on KFAQ 1170 AM radio and see if he would allow you time to debate me on the “trends,” mask-mandates, the “trends,” the old science, and new science that should be considered before you make the decision to mandate us into a worsening of the pandemic. Jim Meehan, MD

What do you think?

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