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In a recent editorial, titled Despite (possible?) delisting, Little White Schoolhouse tale has happy endings” the local Ripon paper responded to allegations that the Ripon Chamber of Commerce volunteers had hidden the threat of the removal of the Little White Schoolhouse from the historic register. The paper made the bold claim that “Wrong” was the answer to the accusations made by the critics.

However, the editorial contradicted itself just a few lines later when it mentioned that entrepreneur and downtown developer Tom Rogers Sr., former state Sen. Luther Olsen, Alds. John Splitt and Ellen Sorensen, and Ripon Historical Society Director Steve Arbaugh were among those working with Karsten.

The editorial went on to claim that “it would have added fuel to the fire of those with other motives” had the public been made aware of the recent delisting. This statement directly contradicts the paper’s earlier assertion that the critics’ allegations were untrue.

Oh, so the reason they didn’t tell the public about the delisting of the Little White Schoolhouse from the historic register was to prevent those “other” people with motives from being “fueled”? C’mon on man… How considerate of them! I mean, who needs transparency and honesty when we can just let a select few make decisions for the entire community behind closed doors? Why bother with accountability when we can just conveniently hide behind the excuse of “other motives”? It’s not like the public deserves to know what’s going on in their own town, right?

Are these people on drugs??

The contradiction in the editorial has left yet again many community members confused and frustrated. It appears that those involved in today’s discussions of delisting of the Little White Schoolhouse were aware of the potential backlash from the community and decided to keep the delisting information a secret.

The Little White Schoolhouse holds a significant place in the history of Ripon, and the community deserves transparency from those involved in decisions regarding its status on the historic register. It is essential that community leaders prioritize honesty and transparency to maintain the trust of the community.

The contradictory statements made in the recent editorial have only added to the frustration and mistrust felt by many in the community. It is imperative that all parties involved in this situation take responsibility for their actions and work towards rebuilding the trust of the community.

Is it just a coincidence that the editor of the local paper has such strong ties to the Boys & Girls Club of the Tri-County Area? As the Editors Note points out, he was on the original steering committee for the Ripon Boys & Girls Club, and his wife is on the board of the Tri-County Area chapter, but that couldn’t possibly be a conflict of interest, could it? And it definitely doesn’t have anything to do with the spin he’s putting on this whole situation, right? Oh, no, of course not. Just a totally unbiased opinion from a completely impartial source.  Nevertheless we still do not know who is the one getting a happy ending??

Oh…by the way…just happen to see this article from last week on the bathroom floor…my oh my how the story sure has changed.  Open your eyes, open your ears!

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