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The slidable image above this post provides a visual representation of how easily things can be erased over time, and how the subtleties often go unnoticed. In the 1960s image, you can see many people gathered at the location to celebrate a candidate for governor. Philip Kuehn who kicked off his gubernatorial campaign in front of this historic location.  Kuehn lost to John Reynolds in 1962 . In contrast, the roadside attraction in 2010 showed the iconic CURVED BIG BOLD BLOCK LETTERS that spelled out “BIRTHPLACE OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY” had been downplayed and almost seemed to be whitewashed and reduced to a small plaque above the door. By sliding the slider back and forth, you can see the gradual erasure of this historic icon.

When people in the community claim that “no one ever came there” or “no one ever stopped there,” it simply is not true. The Little White Schoolhouse was a powerful icon that drew people and attention from around the world for many years.

It’s now important to note the significance of the iconic lettering that spelled out “BIRTHPLACE OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.” For many years, it was an instantly recognizable visual associated with the historic landmark. It has been used and continues to be used by organizations like the National Ripon Society, the GOP, and even present when you look closely in the logo of the Ripon Commonwealth.

However, it’s unclear when and why the lettering disappeared, and it raises the question of whether the chamber has plans to restore it? However we suggest that before focusing on restoring the lettering,, it’s important for the community to ensure that the historic landmark status is properly restored.

However, this change in the iconic lettering has been just one of the many changes in the downplaying of its significance, mixed with the incompetence overtime of those in charge, has led to the failure now to preserve it to any such level the community deserves and to restore genuine community pride that celebrates the symbol not demain or destroy it.  Regardless of your political view, it is history.

It is now more important than ever to correct these obvious mistakes and entrust the task of preserving the little white schoolhouse to the right people –  and that needs to start with the community.

The responsibility of maintaining pride in this historic landmark has fallen into our hands, and it is time for us to stand together and ensure that our voices are heard. Let us come together as a community to preserve this piece of history and prevent it from being erased, downplayed, destroyed or whitewashed.  We must not omit or hide the story of real abolitionists that fought hard in changing a course for this nation, that led to the abolishment of SLAVERY.

Explore the fantastic historic photos below, of a time when music was music and pride was community pride…

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