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LWSH Board President Accused of Hostility Towards Community Member

Well, well, well, it seems like we have ourselves a little drama in Ripon, Wisconsin. According to our sources, an innocent visit to the birthplace of the Republican Party turned into a full-blown trespassing scandal. I mean, who knew taking a picture of the Little White Schoolhouse could be such a dangerous and unacceptable act?

Apparently, FDL County GOP Chairman Timothy Bachleitner and a correspondent from POLITICO a national news organisation, had the audacity to visit the privately owned location and take some photos.

But hold your horses, folks, because there were cones placed in the driveway and a no-trespassing sign that had fallen over. How dare they not read the mind of the LWSH Board President and know that they were not welcome?

But wait, it gets even better. The Board President Joan Karsten approached the vehicle in a hostile manner – because that’s obviously the best way to handle a simple misunderstanding – and demanded that they leave. And to make matters worse, Bachleitner received a formal trespass warning from the police department. Unfair, you say? No way, they clearly deserved it for their heinous actions…


Well, isn’t this just the epitome of irony? According to the police report, not only does it give the address of the new property, but it also clearly identifies it as the birthplace of the Republican Party Schoolhouse. So, let’s follow the logic here – the chairman of the Fond du Lac County GOP is trespassed from the very birthplace of his own party. It’s almost like something straight out of a satirical news article. Who knew that upholding the sanctity of private property could be so amusing?

In all seriousness, it is unacceptable way to treat community members with such hostility and to escalate a situation to the point of a formal warning. Let’s hope the LWSH Board and Ripon Chamber of Commerce come to their senses and can learn from this and adopt a more welcoming and understanding attitude towards those who are genuinely interested in what now appears to be “their” national treasure. Or maybe they could just put up a few more signs, that seems like a great solution, however before doing that they may consider putting back the flag first.

What do you think?

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