Wisconsin AI Frontier: Vos, Elections & Science Fiction

On Thursday, Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) made a significant announcement regarding the establishment of four bipartisan task forces, one of which is dedicated to the exploration of artificial intelligence (AI). This development closely followed Governor Tony Evers’ announcement the day before, outlining his own task force focused on AI’s role in the state’s workforce and beyond.

Vos and the “Artificial Intelligence Task Force ” is tasked with investigating how AI technology affects elections. Now wait. It’s worth noting that some might question Mr. Vos’s tech acumen, and it’s clear that AI could have substantial personal, professional, and governmental applications for him. 

Frankly, just the mention of “Robin Vos,” “Elections,” and “AI” in the same breath seems like a twist straight out of a bad science fiction plot.

This newly formed group will thoroughly examine various AI tools, including automated decision systems, facial recognition, and generative AI. 

Yes, you read that correctly. The combination of “Robin Vos,” “AI,” “elections,” and “automated decision systems” could indeed be reminiscent of a somewhat far-fetched bad sci-fi movie.

However, the mission of this task force goes beyond the surface. It aims to evaluate AI’s potential impact while also focusing on responsible and ethical deployment. In some ways, this actually resembles the absurdity of a science fiction comedy, perhaps akin to “Spaceballs.”

Vos expressed, “These are important issues to our state that our Assembly members and the public would like addressed,” in a statement. 

However, it’s clear that there are differing opinions between Vos and the Wisconsin public about what truly deserves attention, especially concerning past elections, not future ones.

To be equitable, if AI cannot claim copyright in our country, it might also be prudent to scrutinize its role in task forces led by characters akin to Dark Helmet or Barf when it comes to determining “Ai’s” impact on our elections and the Wisconsin’s workforce. This notion raises essential questions, without a doubt.

Keep your eyes and ears on this one, let us know what you see, hear or think.  Comment below.

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