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Every Tuesday Night – Tin Hat Nation! LIVE AT 7pm – PACIFIC

The Ripon Rabbit: Welcome 99263
AnonymousRabbit99622: hi AJ! woo! what's new? Bill. this looks fun...
AnonymousRabbit99622: hope you're all good! have a happy day!
AnonymousRabbit99794: Hi Cory! Jo
AnonymousRabbit100036: Hello to I get into the backstage?
AnonymousRabbit100211: Mike Schultz
Keith Kedro: Hello??
AnonymousRabbit100293: You folks are amazing and do an amazing job.. Thank you
The Ripon Rabbit: Thank you! This means a lot to us.
Jerry: howwwlll yeah
Keith Kedro: Hello all!!
Keith Kedro: Hi everyone!!
AnonymousRabbit100544: Great interview- Matt Bocklund
AnonymousRabbit101516: Cory please send a link for Mel and
Jerry: hooowwwll yeah
AnonymousRabbit101848: Can't tell if this site is a joke or not.
The Ripon Rabbit: That is for you to decide, wink
AnonymousRabbit103886: What's going on here?
AnonymousRabbit103886: Where is the proof of wrongdoing?
AnonymousRabbit103886: This is a real qanon kind of stuff
AnonymousRabbit103886: No let's cover it
AnonymousRabbit103886: Please share what's wrong?
AnonymousRabbit103886: Isn't that old news
AnonymousRabbit103886: No let's see it
AnonymousRabbit103886: That's 2 months old I think.
AnonymousRabbit103886: That's why he was sent away I believe
AnonymousRabbit103886: Let's hear it
AnonymousRabbit103886: No tell now
AnonymousRabbit103886: So you like vos?
AnonymousRabbit103886: Let Vos go?
AnonymousRabbit103886: Absolutely nuts
AnonymousRabbit103886: She's wasn't inside according to others there
AnonymousRabbit103956: Is this it?
AnonymousRabbit103956: Is this the live chat thing?
AnonymousRabbit104005: Yes ttpically open 24/⁷ but mist visit after the nightly Commin Sense radio podcasts (Tue->Friday 10pm EST).
AnonymousRabbit104116: Beaver dam?
AnonymousRabbit104116: It's Carla...
JoJos: Show has been cancelled Wednesday Night....
AnonymousRabbit104985: Green Bay Here
AnonymousRabbit104985: Love this Moody Blues Song !!!
AnonymousRabbit105029: Happy May! Green Lake Wisconsin here.
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