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FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE – “The Truth Hurts”

It’s a night of enlightenment, empowerment, and the pursuit of a more transparent tomorrow. Don’t miss out on the conversation that could change the way you perceive the world. Tune in tonight and let the Ripon Rabbit lead you down the rabbit hole of truth!

The Ripon Rabbit: Welcome 99263
AnonymousRabbit99622: hi AJ! woo! what's new? Bill. this looks fun...
AnonymousRabbit99622: hope you're all good! have a happy day!
AnonymousRabbit99794: Hi Cory! Jo
AnonymousRabbit100036: Hello to I get into the backstage?
AnonymousRabbit100211: Mike Schultz
Keith Kedro: Hello??
AnonymousRabbit100293: You folks are amazing and do an amazing job.. Thank you
The Ripon Rabbit: Thank you! This means a lot to us.
Jerry: howwwlll yeah
Keith Kedro: Hello all!!
Keith Kedro: Hi everyone!!
AnonymousRabbit100544: Great interview- Matt Bocklund
AnonymousRabbit101516: Cory please send a link for Mel and
Jerry: hooowwwll yeah
AnonymousRabbit101848: Can't tell if this site is a joke or not.
The Ripon Rabbit: That is for you to decide, wink
AnonymousRabbit103886: What's going on here?
AnonymousRabbit103886: Where is the proof of wrongdoing?
AnonymousRabbit103886: This is a real qanon kind of stuff
AnonymousRabbit103886: No let's cover it
AnonymousRabbit103886: Please share what's wrong?
AnonymousRabbit103886: Isn't that old news
AnonymousRabbit103886: No let's see it
AnonymousRabbit103886: That's 2 months old I think.
AnonymousRabbit103886: That's why he was sent away I believe
AnonymousRabbit103886: Let's hear it
AnonymousRabbit103886: No tell now
AnonymousRabbit103886: So you like vos?
AnonymousRabbit103886: Let Vos go?
AnonymousRabbit103886: Absolutely nuts
AnonymousRabbit103886: She's wasn't inside according to others there
AnonymousRabbit103956: Is this it?
AnonymousRabbit103956: Is this the live chat thing?
AnonymousRabbit104005: Yes ttpically open 24/⁷ but mist visit after the nightly Commin Sense radio podcasts (Tue->Friday 10pm EST).
AnonymousRabbit104116: Beaver dam?
AnonymousRabbit104116: It's Carla...
JoJos: Show has been cancelled Wednesday Night....
AnonymousRabbit104985: Green Bay Here
AnonymousRabbit104985: Love this Moody Blues Song !!!
AnonymousRabbit105029: Happy May! Green Lake Wisconsin here.
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