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Hey, WRN: The Handful of ‘Robin Vos’ Recall Clowns think you are NOT ‘News’



The recent headline above from “Wisconsin Right Now” filed under “Breaking News” on its website has suggested that the term “recall clowns” contradicts the idea of a “movement.”

Real journalists understand that an oxymoron is a figure of speech in which contradictory terms like this are combined. In this case, “recall clowns” implies a negative or dismissive view of those involved in the recall effort, while “movement” typically conveys a more organized and serious collective action.

The use of “clowns” is an attempt intended to use the media outlet to diminish the significance of the recall effort, creating a contrast with the notion of a substantial and impactful movement.

From what I have seen, the “movement” appears quite organized and so far on point.

Further, the WRN article appears to criticize certain members of the organization as well as the media for allegedly exaggerating the significance of the now many groups involved as a direct result of this recall effort against Robin Vos.

Language used, such as “fringe,” “obsessed clowns,” and the repeated emphasis on them not being a “movement,” reflects a strong negative bias against these groups.

The unknown author assumes and actually argues that the “media” is attempting to portray this effort as more influential than it actually is, asserting that they lack credibility and widespread support and everyone needs to just ignore what is now underway.

Expressing a particular opinion or viewpoint and using strong language to discredit the group and the media coverage surrounding them, is more of an “editorial” than “Breaking News”…but hey, that is just my opinion.

In any news reporting, a balanced presentation of facts and perspectives should be typically expected, allowing readers to form their own conclusions. The tone and language in this WRN article is clearly perceived as biased, to anyone with half a brain. More importantly it has raised questions about the objectivity of “Wisconsin Right Now” as a news source.

The language used, such as “insane,” “misfit toys,” “nutballs,” and “goofs,” is highly dismissive and derogatory towards the groups engaged in this recall effort.

Ripon Rabbit Hole always try to allow our readers and listeners to form their own opinions based on facts and diverse perspectives. And so in our opinion, the use of highly subjective language used in attack or done intentionally in an effort to undermine the credibility of the source, is something we would expect from an 8th Grade class newspaper.

The WRN editorial indeed does 100% focus on criticizing the recall effort and the individuals involved, going so far as to highlight spelling errors on a recall erase board. The tone is sarcastic and dismissive, with the media outlet choosing to mock the recallers for their grammar rather than engaging with the substance of their message. Not only were they critical, they only chose to show their readers only 3 of the Top 10 reasons mentioned to why the recall began; here is the board in its entirety, spelling mistakes and all.

Even as a por speler myself, I can read clearly what is being alleged!

  1. Mislead legislature on impeaching Megan Wolfe.
  2. Promised to use all his power to prevent Donald Trump from being a nominee.
  3. “Liz Cheney of Wisconsin”.
  4. Failed to sign subpoenas.
  5. Supported Drop Boxes.
  6. Refused to defund WEC.
  7. Failed to fire Dean Knudson
  8. Did zero to clean up WI voter rolls.
  9. Allowed Zuckerberg clan to override voter rolls
  10. Failed to protect elderly from Identity theft.

I will imply that good news reporting should have addressed the content of the recallers’ arguments  and actions rather than nitpicking spelling mistakes on an erase board.

This type of criticism raises a concern that Wisconsin Right Now is not prioritizing substantive discussion or analysis and is instead resorting to what the author sees as petty and irrelevant details as “Breaking News” … as Joe Biden would say; “Come on man!”

Strangely, the news article just ends with the words “Enough”, whoever or whatever “Journalist” wrote this hit piece has epically failed to focus on the key issues, arguments, and events. Instead chose to engage in personal attacks and spent way to much time and energy highlighting minor errors and name calling.

Constructive and informed discussions on any subject contribute to a more nuanced understanding of these important topics at hand.

Regarding this topic specifically, it  seems very clear, the time has come for Vos to go, and it appears that enough people have many good reasons!

If you or anyone you know would like to visit or contact the group directly you can reach out anytime:

LOCATED: 4350 67th Drive Union Grove, WI 53182 

CONTACT: Jay Schroeder 262-404-6747; Matt Snorek 262-288-9219

EMAIL: recallvos at gmail dot com

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