UPDATE: Ripon’s Troubling Pattern of Historical Neglect


The recent Common Council meeting in Ripon, Wisconsin, became a battleground over the proposed logo for the industrial park water tower. The controversy arose primarily due to the inclusion of the words “Birthplace of the Republican Party” in the proposed design. Mayor Ted Grant exercised his veto power, now, onto the latest episode of “Let’s Pretend History Doesn’t Exist.” .

Once again, the city of Ripon finds itself embroiled in controversy surrounding its historical landmarks. The recent debacle over the proposed logo for the industrial park water tower is just the latest example of Ripon’s disturbing trend of attempting to sweep its rich history under the rug.

This pattern of historical neglect is evident in the handling of the Little White Schoolhouse, a National Historic Landmark that was callously relocated despite clear warnings that doing so would result in the loss of its prestigious designation. Members of the council were fully aware of the consequences but chose to disregard them, displaying a shocking disregard for Ripon’s heritage.

However, Mayor Grant, in an email to the local rag, reiterated his stance against politicizing city property. He argued that while the phrase is historically accurate, it carries political connotations that could alienate a significant portion of the community. Grant expressed concerns that associating the city with a specific political party could send a divisive message to residents and visitors alike.

Mayor Ted Grant’s veto of the inclusion of “Birthplace of the Republican Party” in the water tower logo is yet another egregious example of this attitude. Rather than embracing and celebrating Ripon’s pivotal role in American history, Mayor Grant dismisses it as a mere political statement.

In reality, recognizing Ripon as the birthplace of the Republican Party is not only educational but also a source of pride for any resident rooted in the city’s rich historical legacy.

By downplaying the significance of this historical fact, Mayor Grant and those who support his stance are perpetuating a troubling narrative of erasure and denial. They fail to acknowledge that Ripon’s identity is inextricably linked to its historical roots, including its role in shaping the political landscape of the nation.

Moreover, Mayor Grant’s argument that including this phrase on the water tower could alienate individuals with differing political views is both shortsighted and misguided. Celebrating Ripon’s history should not be a partisan issue but rather a unifying force that brings together residents from all walks of life.

It’s time for the city of Ripon to confront its past and embrace its heritage with pride and integrity. Instead of trying to hide or distort history, city officials should work to preserve and promote it for future generations. Only then can Ripon truly honor its legacy and move forward with a sense of unity and purpose.

Let’s make our voices heard where it counts. The next opportunity for members of our community to address this issue is Monday, February 26th, at the Common Council Meeting. It’s crucial that every individual who feels passionately about preserving Ripon’s history and integrity takes the time to participate.

If you can’t attend in person, or you wish to have your voice heard on behalf of the nation consider emailing or calling Mayor Grant directly; – 1-920-896-6900 to ensure your voice is included in the discussion. Together, we can remind our leaders that history is not something to be rewritten or hidden—it’s a vital part of who we are as a community and a nation.


TIME TO CHANGE Ripon’s Troubling Pattern of Historical Neglect…

Attention, citizens of Ripon, Freedom Lovers and concerned individuals everywhere! Tonight, we have a critical opportunity to make our voices heard and defend the integrity of our state and nation’s history and values. Join us at 7 PM in the council chambers at City Hall, located at 100 E Jackson St, Ripon, WI 54971.

Get Directions:

This isn’t just about a logo on a water tower—it’s about honoring our past, respecting the decisions made by our elected representatives, and standing up against narrow-mindedness. Mayor Ted Grant’s veto of the plan approved by the Common Council represents an affront to the values of Ripon, the state, and the nation.We cannot allow one individual to dictate the narrative of our historical identity. It’s time to remind Mayor Grant and the council that they are accountable to the citizens of Ripon and also to an entire nation that recognizes and respects Ripon for what it is, a birthplace of FREEDOM. Let’s come together tonight to show our support for preserving historical accuracy and upholding the democratic process.For those who want to familiarize themselves with the issue deeper, attached are two articles providing additional context. Let’s make tonight’s meeting a turning point in our fight to safeguard Ripon’s history and values for generations to come. See you there!


(Please arrive early with enough time to sign in – Public comment is not limited to Ripon Residents as long as you state your name and address before you speak, time can be anywhere from 3-5 min)

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