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Doron: Got a new book. Len Kasten, "Alien World Order", the reptilian plan to divide and conquer the human race.
Doron: Kasten books are not like reading novels. They are research books. All of his books are bits of fact, history, fringe, andhard to explain realities. The coolest part is that he includes how our government had been involved, who did it, and what was their most likely motive for what they did to us, will it ever end, and finally, what to expect from them next.
Doron: 2nites show... an extremely outstanding or unusual event, "Miracle". This Mandela Effect seems to fit... however, the God part is suspect, as I expect God could do it without any of us remembering... which I believe is an error in their math.
Doron: MIRACLES, REMOTE VIEWERS, and PHYSICS, I just noticed a parallel within them... I'll get back to ya'll on that one. When you read it, remember I was stoned just then, when I wrote that.
CSFL_Champion: good show AJ, don’t let the Nellies bother you
Doron: 1959/ Last Time 2 Storms Entered the Gulf Together.
Doron: If you look at Solarham plates, and earthquake site right now, before the data is over written, you will see that a pulse from SOL will cause a quake.
Doron: When was the last time a 2.5 Mag earthquake struck Detroit Michigan?
Doron: The pulse was predicted to reach earth at 0500 Friday. Solarham shows it reached us andquake hit at the same time.
Doron: Space Science is really cool. This is an electric universe folks, learn it.
Doron: Interestingcomment from AJ about snakes and rabbit holes. I can see that an effective trap would be a hole like that. Most spring-traps I know involve getting them to put their head in the noose.
Doron: The ground hole for mammal or reptile would be very effective. I'll bet that idea came to us about 30K years ago. Chuckle.
Doron: AJ, I mailed a screen cap of the film with file name, Jerri Lewis Fired
Doron: Fun show tonight AJ, thanx again.
AnonymousRabbit10714: Alison here, Doron I did not give you the slip on purpose
The Ripon Rabbit: Hi Alison! I just noticed today your account email may have never made it to you. I have activated your account.
AnonymousRabbit10754: AJ, what are B my next steps?
Doron: Dark Wolf, I found the file I mentioned. The title is changed, and the film altred. The relevant portion begins at time-code 5:01.
Doron: Title is inconsequencial, address is
AnonymousRabbit10896: Hi everyone it’s System just popped in to say hi
Doron: tonite's show is about Schuman, and this happens...Chat image
My Life: They blacked it out now
Doron: 2203 & can't get an audio level.
Doron: Phenomenology is the study of structures of consciousness as experienced from the first-person point of view.
Doron: The central structure of an experience is its intentionality, its being directed toward something, as it is an experience of or about some object.
Doron: An experience is directed toward an object by virtue of its content or meaning (which represents the object) together with appropriate enabling conditions.
Doron: As I look, and I see an object is different, not being altered, but changed from the memory I retained, i know my memory of the object is entangeled with the object I remember.
Doron: Alternate descriptions, names, or locations of what I retain in memory, is what was always correct for the reality I find myself.
Doron: I brought nothing with me, other than my memory of objects I'd interacted with, seen, or studied, for many years before i came here..
Doron: i recognise I am in an alternate reality because this solar-system is not located where I remember. This planet is not shaped and expanded as I grew to know and understand as a young man.
Doron: The phenomenology my consciousness as experienced from my first-person point of view, forces me to accept, as fact, my memories remain entangeled with a paralell existance, wherein residual artifacts had not been present, for the first 65-years of my life.
Doron: I have little faith that what I experience can not be labeled confabulation, or miss memory of any type. I witness changes and differences within my reality, that are sometimes far from my memory of those objects.
AnonymousRabbit11941: whats this ? BackStage ? Nobody ever tells me anything round here : / . Well i finally found it A.J. . This > 3rd Eye is Pituiary ..Real easy to find it . Just search >>> circleofeightoracles Edgar Cayce Reading 281-54
AnonymousRabbit11941: * Pituitary
AnonymousRabbit11981: I think I'm still in the room
AnonymousRabbit12140: My messages werent posting in the vip chatroom and the lag is really bad
AnonymousRabbit12211: Hey im backstage hey
AnonymousRabbit12250: Hi people.
Oldskunk: wheres my coffee?
Pha Q Than: Humans are designed to connect. physical,mental,and maybe spiritual, connecting feels good\is healthy for humans. High five me cause it feels good to connect.
Pha Q Than: Even a awkward high 5 feels like team spirit.
Pha Q Than: Native people are still here because we laugh. we laugh with death and make he gaffaw.
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