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AnonymousRabbit14542: what is mensa
AnonymousRabbit14542: what is all these secrets to me? like 999 society
AnonymousRabbit14542: wolverine watchmen? interesting.
AnonymousRabbit14542: Father God, please give me one day alone to chat with this lil one whose parents suffered apeithid.
AnonymousRabbit14542: I am sick and tired of liars and theives. let's ALL STICK TO KITCHEN TABLE TALK.
AnonymousRabbit14542: you remember that don't you?
AnonymousRabbit14542: when Kitchen Table Talk was the meat and potatoes of decision making.
AnonymousRabbit14542: DAILY table talk sends our ground troops! ACT IN LOVE OF GOD OF LOVE, THEN YOU AND YOURS. SO SIMPLE
AnonymousRabbit14542: love is not weakness
AnonymousRabbit14542: you think this asshat invisible covid-19 enemy is stealth...have you met my family yet?
AnonymousRabbit14542: but listen here....don't try a citizen arrest of whitless without your pd behind ya, duh. just ask them and they would all probably convey to arrest on behalf.
AnonymousRabbit14542: just ask leaf
AnonymousRabbit14542: it's like Trump telling pompeo, that the should have told us
AnonymousRabbit14542: live exercise without trump? hold your a***s
AnonymousRabbit14542: that's treason
AnonymousRabbit14542: malitia is every michiganders middle name. one of them, anyway.
AnonymousRabbit14542: btw, i am convinced that i don't have to move a muscle for whitless to know she did a wrong step on a simple 2 step.
AnonymousRabbit14542: michigan all say....have you noticed how much more deadly little black bear and fricken bobcats are next to that woman?
AnonymousRabbit14542: but Dear Father, please not one full grown man tell me whitless saved their a***s with masks.
AnonymousRabbit14542: l'll call ya'll fricken bankbusters
AnonymousRabbit14542: sometimes i need people super furtherest from me to comprehende
AnonymousRabbit14542: assuming? you mean by your tats?
AnonymousRabbit14542: shoot forgive me for noting notes
AnonymousRabbit14542: laugh cuz that is all we've got left
AnonymousRabbit14542: oh my fing goodness. wtf did he just say? 38:25 "so white trash that we just don't have the energy."
AnonymousRabbit14542: yup, now ironically, so please continue.
AnonymousRabbit14542: musical notes all over his face
AnonymousRabbit14542: does this mean i'll never get to see the shores cuz to busy with open faced wft?
AnonymousRabbit14542: his throat looks like a hankercheif waiting to happen and ....
My Life: lol
Doron: I could not find the page for future show suggestions, visit Perpetual Motion YT page, in London, good Mandela Monthly live guest.
Doron: New phrase of the day, "Voters Remorse"
AnonymousRabbit23989: Locked out. Story of my life. LoL
Matthew: test?
Matthew: Hello? Anyone on the chat?
Matthew: C'mon there must be some cool chill folks out there laugh?
Matthew: I'm in the room but i'm just chillin, may take a while for a reply but i'm chillin in there laugh come hang out!
Matthew: devil-laugh flowerlaugh-bignot-one-carein-loveheartnot-guiltygiftkissytease JOIN THE FUN! laugh
Jo Anna: BOOO Who Is Here???
Jo Anna: Is this room working at all???
Jo Anna: clockclockclock SHOWTIME
Doron: Haven't had a pre-show post in a couple weeks. Worried AJ may be sick w/Flu. Hope ya'll R OK. Doron
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