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AnonymousRabbit7276: Bye, that was different!!
Jo Anna: If you scroll down the picture below this chat is VIP chat
Jo Anna: click enter now
Prelimin: HI All smile
Penny: Hello
Penny: Hello
Penny: I'm higherlivingPJW Last in YT
My Life: Hi there, click the can chat enter now button and come in the VIP lounge ☺️
Doron: Nanct Palosi called lie a "Smear Wrap"...
My Life: Wow @doron!!! Crazy!!!
AnonymousRabbit7492: Hello Gentle People. <3
Doron: If the next ME show is about the "Unaffected", is it about all main items like companies, parks & governments unchanged, or is it about the people that don't see it?
Doron: Perspective... ​I heard the Refuse truck back-up beep, beep, beep in the mid week. Learned days later a family moved in with a 20" tall 60yo red parrot.
AnonymousRabbit7552: not sure how this works
AnonymousRabbit7581: Go down to the enter now button under cam chat and click enter
AnonymousRabbit7583: Keep up the God work.. Love your voice..
AnonymousRabbit7583: Good work, I meant..
Jo Anna: Juan brb
AnonymousRabbit7618: d**n VIP kicked me can't get back in
Jo Anna: rebooting
DocMIchael: I'm listening to: "BIOHACKING RE-BROADCAST"
DocMIchael: First Visit here ( DocMichael )
DocMIchael: this helps
AnonymousRabbit7727: Hey! Hello everyone!
Doron: no audio here yet, 2210 est
Jo Anna: checking
Pat Glassel: TEST
My Life: Hi @Pat Glassel
Eric Vanaman: Hello all..
Eric Vanaman: Flat earth sounds like a good show tomorrow
Eric Vanaman: I watched a few videos on youtube on FE that were rather compelling..the faked moon landings almost had me convinced..lol..i think science isnt telling us everything about space..
AnonymousRabbit7985: Is Earth Daughter still here?
Jo Anna: is anyone here?
Earth Daughter: Sorry I missed you here! I was in the backstage VIP lounge!
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