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The symbolic flame above burns here digitally in honor of the presidential proclamation that this flame shall remain burning, as long as FREEDOM LIVES!

In honor of Tom Buller St., John Guinta, and “the silent six” May 26,2011 Afghanistan 
MyDlife – DIY 2021
Champion Sports Nation – 2021
Earth Daughter – 2021
Alva Yater – 2021
JoJo’s for Freddie Williams – 2021
Candles for every child and grandchild in this home!
May the light of freedom go into the darkness
Freedom burns
Light Burns Bright!
Natchekita – Freedom Flame in INDIA!!!
International Canadian Flame burns bright.
The light of freedom in Arizona
Freedom flame burning in parallel universes perhaps??
May the flame burn as long as freedom exists.

Click the image above to watch the on-demand rebroadcast of our March 20th 2020 celebration.

Here’s what it looks like. Every freakin’ minute YouTube users upload hundreds of hours of new video and Instagram users share over 10,000 new photos. Don’t even ask about Twitter users. They send over 100,000 tweets. Finally, Facebook users share over 1,000,000 pieces of content. It’s a game of numbers.

But not you! Oh nooo, you’re different. Holy Smokes, you’re totally different! You decided – now please hold on, cause here comes the best part – you decided to click the freedom flame in the footer. I mean, nobody even scrolls down there!!!