The Older Woman.

At the age of 54, I find myself in the older woman category. This categorization isn’t something I decided for myself. Rather it was placed upon me by society. Cool stuff, isn’t it? Well, it is not. Any age is a gift. The gift of life.

Let’s take a look at nature. A seed becomes a sprout. A sprout becomes a plant. A plant can nourish or shelter us. Therefore we love a mature plant.

It’s time to adopt the same philosophy when it comes to all the beautiful women that have reached that time in their lives. The eyes still sparkle and their smiles can still light up a room. The wrinkles that might have snuck up on us are a sign of a life lived. Of experiences that we had and memories that were made. The little girl that we once were is still a part of us. Forever.

Youth has come and gone in what feels now like a blur. Life was fun and full of possibilities. Good news. It still is. I wake up every morning, wondering what the new day may bring. I might move a little slower, a little bit more cautious, but I will get to where I need or want to be. One place I don’t want to be is gone. Not yet. I have my second half of my life to live and I will do it loud and proud.

My wrinkles will not be removed and the only thing that will ever get lifted are my hopes for a long and fulfilling life. Feeling joy, love and gratitude for all that this wonderful life has to offer.

So, remember this, when you see the “older” woman. Give her a smile. Make her feel beautiful. Not invisible.

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Written by Nikki Rabbit

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