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Ripon Rabbit LIVE CHAT 
Chris: They are our public servants. Not kings
Chris: Democracy is a threat to our republic
Chris: Democracy is defined as two rapists and a woman arguing the concept of consent
Chris: Skunk beer.
AnonymousRabbit95867: Got me Jerry??
Chris: Got me jerry?
AnonymousRabbit95872: Howwwlll yeah!
Jerry: let me try that again...
Chris: Oops lol
Chris: USA USA usa
Chris: J6 was staged by polosi and others. She admitted it
Chris: Communist News Network
Chris: Polosi does have big b***s tho
Chris: Remember when she said " I've been waiting for this trespassing on capital grounds "
Chris: Tucker interviewed him.
Chris: Authoritarian police states do this
Chris: Babylon bee and libs of tic toc
Chris: Government takeover of industry? One of the 10 planks of communism
Chris: Bless yall. Love ya buddy
Chris: Headed to bed
AnonymousRabbit96657: Won’t let me get in the backstage?!?
AnonymousRabbit96796: Staying focussed on WI!
The Ripon Rabbit: TIN HAT NATION!
AnonymousRabbit97497: Hello everyone, trying to listen here!
AnonymousRabbit97703: HOOOOWWWLLLL YEAH!
AnonymousRabbit98376: This is an informative podcast.
AnonymousRabbit98469: I enjoyed the new show. I like hearing a female perspective.
AnonymousRabbit98536: Got sound now, but no chat
AnonymousRabbit98547: Is this backstage?
The Ripon Rabbit: Part of it! smile
AnonymousRabbit98823: Jojos, it's Bill...I think Signal left the more Signal for me.
AnonymousRabbit98835: we will be stareting in just a moment
AnonymousRabbit98835: Welcome everyone
The Ripon Rabbit: HI BILL!!!!!! OMG SO GLAD TO SEE YOU!
AnonymousRabbit98981: Great 6-minute video on Precinct / Ward strategy
The Ripon Rabbit: Thank you for sharing this.
AnonymousRabbit99263: 1st timers and look we forward to the talk.
The Ripon Rabbit: Welcome 99263
AnonymousRabbit99622: hi AJ! woo! what's new? Bill. this looks fun...
AnonymousRabbit99622: hope you're all good! have a happy day!
AnonymousRabbit99794: Hi Cory! Jo
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