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My love/hate relationship with small towns is real.

I am going to start by telling you right away that I am not a writer and have no delusions about a possible career as an author. However, I love hearing stories and love telling them. So, let’s begin.

I grew up in a midsize city of about 70,000 folks, located in the Southwest of Germany. It had the right amount of excitement, mixed with amazing nature and fantastic food options. All around were little, tiny villages which I frequented because of more unbelievable food choices. I saw, I ate and that was just enough small town for me. So, I packed my bags and moved to Miami at the age of 25. The things we do for love… but that’s another story.

Wow. Everything was now available 24 hours. Shopping, dining, entertainment. I was thrilled!!! My years in Miami were incredible, but after a while the West Coast was calling and Las Vegas found itself a new resident. Again, 24/7. Lights, and all the bells and whistles. Literally. Now, Las Vegas is also within driving distance of amazing adventures. Desert, mountains, ocean, National Parks, even ghost towns. All within a days drive. I am not going to hype it up too much. The population is rather large here already.

I am babbling. Sorry. Over the past 10 years, I have found myself frequently traveling to a town of approximately 7,000 people.  It is located in Wisconsin, courtesy of my boyfriend, who was born and raised in this picturesque town. The winters are cold. Who am I kidding?! Freezing and very, very long. The long awaited summers are hot, humid, and the mosquitoes seem to be very hungry once the winters have passed. But I LOVE it. It’s green, the outdoor activities are endless and you can find yourself at a free concert multiple times a week. The pace is just slow enough to take a deep breath and give in to the small town living. People work hard and I guess you can say they play hard too. Understandably, after being cooped up for months. The friendliness is overwhelming and you will always find an open door. Really. Nobody seems to lock their door. The deer walk around town. The squirrels are playfully running up and down the power lines and you can’t help but have a smile on your face.

Here is where my dilemmas come in. Let’s start with Food choices. On Sundays you can only hope that your accommodations come with a kitchen. The majority of the restaurants are closed and continue to be closed on Monday, Tuesday and some of them even until Wednesday. I get it. Everyone needs a break sometime, but maybe they could alternate a little. Beautiful downtown has some very unique shops and are always fun to explore, when they are open. I haven’t seen a men’s clothing store. Just pointing it out so that my male readers do their shopping ahead of time. Recently a new restaurant opened its doors and I found myself enjoying a glass of wine a few times, sitting at their beautiful bar. Get there early if you are thinking about a couple of glasses. They close at 9pm. Just in time for my bedtime, in small town anywhere, where the pressures and conveniences of 24/7 fade away.

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Written by Nikki Rabbit

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