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NANA Domestic Quell

Recently, a document was de-classified, containing verification of the release of a document posted to  many national food manufactures, informing them,  by DARPA, the end of a program, as DARPA reported the program was concluded and, considered to be 88% coverage in 1998, and they expected 99.3% effective coverage by the end of 2013. Unfortunately, many of the food producers are brands we all use… in a separate document, I found the “NANO” technology they referred to isn’t something that will leave our body in our stool, urine, hair, nails, tears, or breath.  All of those nasty little critters, bind to our tissue.  The subject of wither the tissue, in question, is our GI Trak, or blood, turned out to be inconsequential, as, the microscopic Nano-devices are programable.  Question, then, who was it that decided to do this to us, and didn’t they realize their own children, parents, and sisters, would be included in the Quell?  If you can’t find the docs, I have them.  E-mail, I’ll post them to you.  When I first found information about this (1994), a science group had created a robot, 15-angstroms in length. Human blood is 7-angstroms.  They made a machine by spraying atomic layers of silica, using different material to cap, lay another layer, etc. until the robot was complete.  It had/has two arms, and will reciprocate the arms at 200,000 RPM.  There are two versions, 2,000 per day on a wafer, for a cost of $7.00 per wafer.  The second version, had grippers.  The first version, was to be imbedded into the surface of gyroscopes to improve true, and was expected to be employed in space technology. The gripped version, was intended for medical.  In an experiment published at that time, Fifteen of the grippers were programed to locate a ‘Dust-Mite’, and, according to the program, shut-down.  They put them in an air-conditioning air-duct.  After 24-hours, they found all 15, and all were connected to dead dust-mites.  It was not determined if the insects were alive or dead, as the robot clamped on, and deactivated.. I think I remember ART did a show on NANO, both good and bad, but I don’t remember the title.  In my mind, this is bad, and I used products from most of the companies listed in the doc, so I’m infected.  I expect you are as well… happy-new-year.

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