When is DNA play, a good thing?

I’d agree that using current medical & science abilities, cloning, grafting, and growing a mans ear on the back of a mouse, may be useful, sometimes.  For instance, the ear might be a replacement for a fireman injured on his job… basically, the flap of skin that culminates the audio vibrations is actually a rather elegant, if not purely a simple piece of tissue.  It ain’t all the simple, really, but compared to a human heart, it’s a done deal, and it actually was… done, that is.  They grew the ear to see if they could.

But I’m not here for the ear, or the heart.  I’m here because they haven’t slowed down with the ability to alter and design DNA and form all manner of tissue.  I came here with a half dozen articles, fresh out in public, but I’ve post only these.  One good, the rest, not so much.

This is good.  I wish they would stick with this endeavor, and limit the super-soldier crap.  Do you remember hearing that our secret government is many thousands of years ahead of the public knowledge and advancing at a rate of 1,000-years per decade?  Well… I’ve got a question; Where are they now, in this teck?

And that discovery is good, because with crispr, alone, they learned that the crispr-molecule doesn’t stop cutting when it finds another cell that matches it’s pre-programed target.  It keeps going, and sometimes, not for the better.  Apparently, they are working to control, what is altered… and they want to alter those genes in a certain way;

The human Thymus is a Gland in your chest, behind your Sternum.  It was in the same place in your last reality, only slightly higher, and about a centimeter deeper in.  This new Sternum is more than doubled in length, but all-in-all, same-same.  That gland helps your body acquire immunity.  It’s large as an infant, and grows smaller as you age… most likely because nature assumed you shouldn’t need it later, because your expected to have already inhaled every other bug there is, was, will be.?  Right.  Maybe they want to be able to stop it from turning off, for our future health… right?

With this new ability, we can study the smallest molecules, and DNA chains.  How about we add the hardness of the Bombardier beetles shell (elytron), to the outer skin (called the stratum corneum) of our advanced fighting forces, and make them bulletproof, or even plasma-rifle proof?  I’d suggest you not laugh to that question.  Just wait, and watch.  Do you remember the carvings on so many walls & temples, and graves in ancient Egypt?  The images of human bodies, with animal heads… remember?  Not so much funny now is it?

The CDC document that describes the 16-letter sequence, targeted by our new, and probably soon to be required vax, is composed from the 4-letters representing the 4-individual nucleotides: thymine (T), adenine (A), cytosine (C), and guanine (G).  It seems extremely unfortunate to me, that the targeted sequence is exactly the same 16-letter sequence of your cr0m0s0ne-e1ght.  That 16-letter sequence resides in your brain, and is, partly, responsible for your ability to fight off cancer, and is also, mostly responsible for your ability to make rational, and coherent decisions.  Do you understand, now, what can be accomplished with unlimited-funded science?  Are you laughing, still?

What do you think?

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