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Tonight Jerry howls at at Edgar Cayce!!   LIVE: Join us at 7pm Pacific – 10/9 Central

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  1. I find pleasure in hearing information pertaining to a particular topic, from multiple sources. Casey spoke of his family, a unit, and as he related to their many previous lives, he said they had been together, within other life times, keeping as it were, a unit. Billy Meier spoke of this, as well, but what he said was that the earth population was so great, we incarnate out of order, and are no longer traveling through time, achieving the evolution of our spirt, with other souls we had been intended to be with. If in one life, you were my son, in another life, I may be yours. What we are told, by Meier’s sources, is that we will spend twice the time in an ethereal form as we do in physical form.. We are told traveling out of our unit is a major problem for us, but not the main problem. Delores Cannon wrote about “The Tree Waves”. That topic is about the souls who’d volunteered to come here out of creation, don’t want to be here, have never occupied a carrier before, avoid producing progeny so as to avoid creating karma, and don’t do well in health, wellness, or psychologically. Sources for those studies would be, Deloris Cannon, Billy Meier, and Randolph Winters reading of the Meier contact notes. Casey was telling us the same thing, with a limited education. Marvelous.

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