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Miller Lite offers free beer

Who wouldn’t want to take a break from social media, grab an ice cold one and have great conversation with friends & family? Miller gets it. Do you? Please drink responsibly folks, that means no drinking and driving. If you’ve had few call Ripon taxi or have a designated driver on standby. The article below was found on WISN12 10/23/19

Miller Lite wants to offer a free beer to every person who unfollows it on its social media.

The company’s new campaign, “Miller Time,” is focused on staying away from social media and spending more time with family and friends instead.

“We want to remind them that while social media is great, it’s no replacement for hanging out in-person over a Miller Lite,” said Anup Shah, vice president of Miller Family of Brands.

The beer company has decided to take a break from all social media accounts, meaning it will not be posting on its Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

To receive the free beer, text UNFOLLOW to 49375 with a photo or screenshot

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Written by Scott Zemlicka

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