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A proposed human upgrade

A clip with Elon Musk describing brain upgrade.

I posted this message in the chat area;

Over the years, I’ve read multiple articles, documents, about the Anamos, (none of it good) their approaching our galaxy, and their determination to locate “soul-carrier” beings (like us), and their awful plan.  I found the Broken-Arrow project, and what those bad guys did with the technology they found there, at the ancient-site (4K-years) at the 5-points location out-west.  According to what I’ve found, adding machine-works, to our Human body, has been part of a plan, since early 1960.  It will not end well for the Earth Human.

This is a paragraph from the Billy Meyer notes.  If you don’t know how many times he’s been correct in his predictions, or where he got his information, look it up.  From the Meyers notes;

“…However, In the long run, this will not go well as they will begin to oppose their creators, just like the robot-humans, whose arms and legs become amputated in order to connect the nerve pathways with fine electronic-biological apparatuses, whereby these humans become living control mechanism for space ships and weapons of all kinds, as well as for machines and all types of ground vehicles etc…” 

From that same document;

‘…This will happen at that time when the <half humans>, the human-animal-genetic manipulated and the robot humans, will cause tremendous problems which will lead to a bad decline in all space programs and almost bring them to a halt, because the robot-humans and the <half-humans> will refuse to continue to work for the normal humans and lead a miserable existence in inferiority and exploitation, as living controls for space ships, vehicles and machines, and as fighting machines etc.”

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