Scientists genetically modified a mouse to be 4 percent…


Human cells were found in tissue that would form the heart and brain and were especially plentiful in the blood. Not all of the embryos developed in …

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  1. Transhumanism had been a topic of interest, and distain in 2008, and at that time, with very much attention and Hate-Mail, they told us they only allowed the embryos to develop up to 14-cells, then they destroyed them… All of them.
    Apparently, today, nobody is watching, let it grow to see what happens? I read an article a week ago saying scientist decided to use Human Waste (Fecal & Urine) on crops because, One=it’s cheaper than manure, Two=Manure is too hard to get and human fecal material & urine is abundant. Didn’t ANY of these idiots study “Mad Cow” disease?
    And DID they continue putting Human Cells into our Grain-Crops because we digest them more efficiently? Or did they stop, like they told us they did? OR… is nobody watching now?
    Splicing the “Fire-Fly” gene into a Strain of Grass, to light walkways is a great idea, except you can’t stop the ants, the bugs, and the Bees from carrying the pollen all over the world, and in that scenario, lighted grass may not be such a great idea, after all. Don’t cows eat grass? Don’t we get milk and meat from the cows? Like, maybe, just maybe, splicing human DNA into small mammals in a lab like the one in Wuhan, may not be such a great idea either
    . BTW, if any of you readers hadn’t found them or read the Enki Tablets, THE first sin, was Enki pouring his seed into a earth-human female humanoid they had created via gene-splicing, creating a soul-carrier, just as our Creator had done… and that was the number 2-Thou-Shalt-Not law. Incidentally, the number1-Thou Shalt Not law was… interfere… which they did, and now, apparently, we are.
    Let me think about this for a Nano-second and, wait… what if the Thou-Shalt-Nots, all four of them, are for our protection? My guess is none of those idiots read any of the tablets.

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