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Tonight another edition of The Dark Wolf’s Den Show join Jerry as he howls at the paranormal!   LIVE: Join us at 7pm Pacific – 10/9 Central

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  1. My first thought, having spent 15-years of study, read hundreds of documents, years of video documentaries, and researched many topics which seem to have disappeared either by Mandel Effect or some other form of obfuscation… would be, it’ll never happen. The MAIN reason our Dark Government hasn’t already released any information At All, like almost every other country has, is because; When the U.S. population are told there are intelligent beings inside those machines, our Men-In-Black will no longer be able to shoot them down. How do you expect our guys to get their slimy hands on any of those super-advanced scientific gizmos which are so fun to secretly posses, without any one else knowing about it? Being the only one to know, is a powerful state of mind. The fact that no agency exchanges any information with any other agency, means each one has to shoot down their own, and steal their own. The sick part is, they are afraid of how we will react, when we learn what those agencies gave the aliens that would trade with them for some really cool advanced tech, Be warned… some of what the Dark earthlings allow them to do here, is so sick, when you hear it, first you won’t believe it, but when you learn, you will puke.

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