New Mexico dance studio closing after a half-century run


She would remain at the Krasnoff School of Fine Arts until graduation from … to take dance or grants to bring in artists to perform for the community.


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  1. This is a terrible topic. The end of this dance school, is a terrible thing. I didn’t learn until I was 50. That’s when I learned, dancing is a vertical representation, of a horizontal desire, and it’s the only time a person can put their arms around a beautiful stranger, and that stranger actually wants you to. Within a few months, dancing East-Coast-Swing every Wednesday night, I became one of the better lead.
    Gentlemen, if you don’t already know, learn. East-Coast-Swing is the easiest to learn, and nearly every turn you learn, can be used in every other dance.
    Imagine that a simple turn for the girl, is a word, a part of a conversation. As you learn more “words”, you can put them together to dance a paragraph. Eventually, you can dance a love-poem, and she will love you for it. Trust me… I wished I’d learned when I was 20. You will meet people you could never meet any other way in your life.

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