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Of scorpions and defying fear: How celebrity magician Dynamo…


YSWeekender caught up with the British magician and in an exclusive interview, he spoke about his TV show, and how he got into the field of magic …


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  1. I consider this article to be super cool, in that being able to use his hands, to do a trade which is so dependent on ones dexterity, is commendable, to say the very least.
    I would also note, of the story here, how this young man eventually developed his passion and his trade craft, is, I’d say, remarkably similar to Aaron’s history. AJ also has a degree, and likely for the same reason. Personally, I’m extremely impressed by the degree he holds. I studied many fields. I needed many fields of science to do my job… developing and creating proof-of-concept models for new mechanical inventions. I only finished a few of the degrees I’d studied, and AJ’s was not one of them. I did a couple years, but to finish, I’d need another six, and I needed to move on to the others. Very impressive.
    I’d like to ask, maybe he’ll tell us, one day… Does AJ still learn new illusions? I’ll bet he never stopped.

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