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Hello Friends, Listeners, Visitors, Members and Guests,

This article has been posted as a featured news item to explain to you the events of the last 72 hours and RiponRabbitHole. As has been reported, we are living in exciting times. Please share this info with the ones you love and care about.

First, it is necessary to understand the reason why I started this site. Equally as important that you pay attention the words chosen in updating you on what has been occurring.

I personally uncovered a web of inaccuracies, half truths, non historical recording, twisted tales, and fabrications of history dating back to 1854 and well before that. All of this information began unearthing itself soon after I had begun digging into the RiponRabbitHole more than 25 years ago.

What was uncovered was so overwhelming I literally didn’t know what to do with the information that was being found.  Connections from the past that were connecting to major things still happening today. The deeper I seemed to dive into the Ripon Rabbit Hole…many more unearthed connections to things in modern political times. Quite honestly all of this blew my mind.

For the first few years of my research, everything found was documented and logged and kept very secretive. About 15 years ago I began speaking confidentially and began to befriend a variety of select people about my work. These people were historians, archeologist’s, professors, natives, many the top in their fields and some from renowned universities. These were people I sought out and contacted for their knowledge on these individual subjects.

These people were as equally mind blown as to the information being brought before them, many for the first time. Piece by piece the picture of a very large puzzle began forming.  

Sharing the information I had found from within the various tunnels dug throughout the rabbit hole and receiving validation every step of the way kept me going.

Realizing that my work had to come out, publicly I thought this research will become a book someday. Then, years later thought this should be a documentary movie. None of these options have yet to be overruled..

One of the many rabbit hole stories I uncovered was the remarkable story of the “FREEDOM FLAME”.  Feeling this was one of the most important items unearthed, because of the symbolism it represents.  I choose to make this rabbit hole public first. Back then I began releasing short clips as case files of certain subjects within my files.  Here is what was initially released regarding the case of the “FREEDOM FLAME”.

After that video, we made a commitment to keeping the freedom flame alive, here on this website as long as freedom lives, and we have been celebrating March 20th going into our 4th year now. You will notice the flame graphic on the bottom footer of this, and every page throughout our site.

If you click that flame you will see our virtual memorial gif version along with photos from around the world in members who choose to celebrate along with us.

I felt it was necessary to allow others to participate in the freedom of sharing ideas. In the effort to include all people far and wide, American or not, republican, whig, free soiler, or democrat. Black, white, red, or blue. If you are here reading this then the flame is still burning and we are all still united in our freedom.

Hence our community generated press was born. A grassroots effort to keeping this principle alive where freedom lives. And now that concept has been multiplying like rabbits.

We appreciate all of the basics of freedom, and uphold the freedom of speech. The very fact alone that I classify this article as editorial or opinion, means just that. My words are mine. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of others, nor do they need to.

Recently however, this fundamental right to Freedom of Speech has come under major attack. Not just here in the United States but globally across the world.

How do I know? Because I am fighting constantly, everyday for the past month or so, to allow you the reader and listener to hear, read, and see this. If I did not have the background I do, these words would have already vanished like a David Copperfield Illusion, never to be seen again.

Recently this week a featured article about a certain individual, who happens to be the leader of the free world, would be delivering a LIVE speech. We hadn’t heard from this dude in a little bit, so hey! This must be breaking news right! I had received the link and the tip off to the speech exactly 117 minutes before the event was to begin.

I immediately posted it as FEATURED BREAKING NEWS along with the name of this leader. Our site has a deep link strategy that allows our posts to garner a lot of traffic organically, we have a pretty steady stream of traffic, outside of the core member base internationally on a regular basis. At any point in time there could be anywhere from 100 to 1000 guest visitors somewhere on the site.

This particular breaking story received a lot of attention very quickly. I watch traffic in real time as this story was being shared. Within 15 minutes of the post the article had made it around the world and back. Then something unusual. Several users from the same location in France began to tune in, within moments those visitors suddenly were from Japan, and then a few moments later were in China. It was less than a minute later that the entire site went down.

Now as you know, the stability of the site has had numerous issues, mostly regarding our 2.0 update. You should also know that it has been under attack for over a month as-well.

Nevertheless during defensive maneuvers against those daily trolls. I have ways to restore it and get it back on course…not this time though. This was a full blown takedown and hostage situation. For most of the 117 minutes…nothing. It wasn’t until accessing the raw data, and deleting that post that I was able to get the site to return. BUT NO ACCESS UNTIL THE POST WAS REMOVED….FROM MY SITE. Think about that…please.

Now keep in mind, I still wanted to hear this speech and the link was valid on youtube still, and the broadcast was about to begin. Imagine my surprise that the moment the broadcast finally started, that it diverted from the scheduled appearance of the leader of the free world, to an unscheduled appearance of the LOFW-Elect putting his jacket on after receiving his second vaccination. Apparently our site wasn’t the only hijacking that took place.

So that is where we are at folks. Keep in mind, if our freedom flame had been snuffed out, you would never have heard this story or perhaps from me again…let that sink in.

Freedom WILL continue to live. So, if you are smart enough to be here at this moment… give yourself a round of applause!

aj – The Ripon Rabbit

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