Schools would be required to teach cursive writing under bill

If you are old enough to remember learning cursive as part of your handwriting lessons, you may not have particularly enjoyed learning how to write in cursive, nevertheless.  You were taught it. Consider yourself lucky if that is the case.

Subjects in school are designed for the purpose of teaching you the skills you will use in your daily life. Now ask yourself when is the last time you actually wrote in cursive? I suspect the answers would vary drastically. In today’s modern technological world it’s more likely one would type than write.  Even as I put these words together I’m using a text-to-speech Google platform that allows me to type by speaking the words I choose to say. It works remarkably well but does require a small amount of editing.

The link to the story below is kind of an incredible one, because I never took the time to understand the cursive wasn’t being taught in schools in the first place!  Did you? I won’t necessarily say that I agree that cursive needs to be a mandatory use of time in the classroom considering its real-world applications. however this bill Aims to make certain it does remain a requirement.

Wisconsin elementary schools would be required to teach cursive writing under a new bill being circulated at the state Capitol, but it may face opposition from some school boards.

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  1. I don’t think they should bother teaching the “Slide Rule”, as they did for me, but writing, and short-hand, even typing, are useful skills. I saw a video-clip of Jay Leno asking graduates on the street to read from a card he held… everyone said they couldn’t read it, because they hadn’t been taught it ??? You’ve got to be kidding. Richard Dreyfuss is actively lobbying to have CIVICS returned to class-room study. Yes, we need civics.
    We need more Math, Science… Basic STEM classes… Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. We’re making or children lazy, and dumb, compared to all other advanced countries. Fix It.

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