Christopher Eccleston returns to Doctor Who for the first time in 15 years for new audio series


Fifteen years is a long time – even for someone with a blue box that can timetravel. But now, for the first time since 2005, Christopher Eccleston is …

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  1. I was unable to launch this article from here, but found several others after copy/paste. I’ve been a “Who” fan since Tom Baker played on PBS late-nights, in early 1980. I began collecting all episodes, and have collected nearly all of them, since the beginning… including the episode wherein, a TB episode in which the Doctor meets a classmate in a tunnel, the friend addresses the Doctor as “Feats”, as in accomplishments. It isn’t mentioned how the Doctor got that name, or if it was truly his name. But that one instance, is the only time he was named in the program history, that I know of.
    I read years ago that CE refused to be involved with “Who” programming because he didn’t want to be cast in that realm for the rest of his career. I wonder if his agreeing to perform Audio, only, means not being seen in the role, is not the same as “being” in that role.
    Interesting fact, if your a fan; David Tennant married his co-star of the episode entitled, “The Doctors Daughter”. Did you know that girl is the real-life daughter of another Who-Doctor, Peter Davison ?

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