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Thought-detection: AI has infiltrated our last bastion of privacy


In this novel, the thought police watchers are expert at reading people’s … 130 sensors connected to a computer to detect the student’s brain waves.


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  1. Portrait of things to come. The information collected in this manner is, mostly, the same data they would get from the “Lie Detector”. A problem with collecting it, other than being absolutely invasive and detrimental to your privacy, or even health insurance cost, the method they plan to use for collection is by transmitting the data in every direction with 5-G. BTW, 5G doesn’t exactly mean 5-gigihertz, it means this is the Fifth Generation and iteration of this type of technology… which is also why they needed to get rid of the lead paint.

    I remember from 1990 they tried to use an early version of this tech to collect water-meter readings. That idea was for every meter to broadcast it’s usage, and the closest meter would get it, and re-broadcast. The next meter, down the road, would get the combined data for all meters behind it, and then broadcast that, and a listening station would, finally, get the data, and send it to the water department via telephone line, and that would be managed at the water-works via modem. Sounded cool… didn’t work. All water meters are in the ground encased in cast-iron boxes.
    Oh well… instead, the creeps that dreamed it up, sold the idea to your electric company. Today, your electric meter, normally on the wall outside, and likely a few feet from your bed, and your pillow, uses an early version of that tech. Since it broadcast all data, all day, and all night, constantly, the power company can tell when you turn on your coffee pot, when you shower, and when you start cooking your dinner. Please remember every electric device in your home is registered with the FCC, and all have their own inherent current use, and voltage. Incidentally, I remember it was about the time construction laws were adopted to place the power meter, exactly there. Before that, the meter was normally at a corner of any house or apartment, and usually near the water heater, furnace, or utility area, and away from human brains when sleeping. All that changed. You can look at homes, and see it for yourself. Check the date on the inside of the toilet tank lid, to find the date the house was built… unless the toilet was replaced because of the water crisis, two decades ago. I’m still not sure that was real… I was a plumber at that time, and I saw pressure go up and down, but that happened every day anyway. The water pressure always goes up at 2:30 am because nobody is using it that time of the morning… that’s why leaks always happen in the middle of the night… usually on Sundays. Hell… in 40-years, I never got a Sunday off… I digress…

    The power company wanted to know the power usage so they could determine at what time in the power creation cycle they would need to purchase power from another state (for the stoves, water-heaters & night lights), and what time of day they would be able to sell it to eastern or western power areas, where the coffee-pots had just turned on. They call it “Dispatch”.

    Currently, they want to put the newest version, the fifth generation version, in your Smart Phone. Since this newer version has such a short broadcast effective distance, all appliances will need to be 5G wise so all data can be collected and pushed forward to the closest devices, and eventually collected, and archived. Who will archive it? Will they sell it to travel agencies, or insurance companies, shoe stores, bars, bike repair shops? Who knows?

    The transmitted pulse has to be an extremely high frequency because they need to jamb a lot of data into that short pulse, they want to broadcast, so, so, so much more information… like your gait, body temp, location, moving, not moving, talking, not talking, to who, saying what, saying about what they might be doing to you, and your friends? They need to know all that stuff, so they can take action or create mitigation measures and laws, to prevent you from sharing with your friends, how you might feel about what they’re doing to you.
    Play a trick on them… when the 5G crap is forced down your throat, don’t buy it. Keep your old one, or use a flip-phone for a year, by then, their expense will bankrupt them, and they’ll go away.

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