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Alarming Agenda to Rewrite the Birthplace of Republican Party

Former Staffer’s Email Unearths Disturbing Plot Surrounding the Little White Schoolhouse Relocation and Historical Narrative

In a stunning turn of events, an email obtained through an open records request has shed light on a covert agenda by the individuals responsible for the relocation of the Little White Schoolhouse in Ripon, Wisconsin. The email, written by a former staffer of ex-Wisconsin Senator Luther Olsen, reveals a disturbing plot to rewrite the story of the birthplace of the Republican Party, all in pursuit of a self-serving agenda.

According to the correspondence, the movers behind the schoolhouse relocation are not simply motivated by historical preservation but have a hidden ulterior motive. The email explicitly states that they seek to manipulate the narrative surrounding the birthplace of the Republican Party to align with their personal agenda, disregarding the authenticity of its historical significance.


The contents of this email suggest a deliberate effort to reshape the historical narrative for their own gain, casting doubts on the integrity of the relocation process and the preservation board’s decision-making. This shocking revelation has sent shockwaves through the community and raised questions about the transparency and motives of those involved.

That effort began to immediately play out as the week after the schoolhouse moved the following articl appeared in the local paper:

You will see per the staffers email that the introduction of the new character from Ceresco, William Dunham has begun and is designed to fit the narrative change. Nowhere in the chambers statement is any recognition of Alvan Bovay, who chaired the meeting in 1854 and has a wealth of history and is known as the Grandfather of the GOP:


The Little White Schoolhouse, recognized as the hallowed ground where the Republican Party was born, holds immense importance in American political history. Its relocation, already mired in controversy due to alleged maladministration, now takes on a more sinister tone with the exposure of this hidden agenda. The plot to rewrite the story threatens to distort the legacy of the birthplace of the Republican Party, potentially erasing its historical significance and undermining the ideals and principles it represents.

Citizens and preservation advocates are expressing their outrage and demanding immediate action. They insist on a thorough investigation into the individuals implicated in the email and are calling for accountability and transparency from the city officials and the preservation board. The integrity of the historical narrative must be preserved, and any attempts to manipulate it for personal gain must be swiftly and unequivocally addressed.

If you hold a stake in this matter and reside in the area, we implore you to make your voice heard. Your opinion matters, and your presence can make a significant impact. We encourage you to mark your calendars for the upcoming Tuesday night Common Council meeting at 7:00 pm, where this crucial issue will be addressed. This is an opportunity to stand alongside fellow community members, express your concerns, and advocate for the preservation of the true historical narrative surrounding the birthplace of the Republican Party.

We also invite any individual from all corners of the globe to share their thoughts and comments on this matter by emailing us, ensuring their voices are included in the public record. Please send your emails to riponrabbithole @ gmail dot com and let your perspective be heard in the pursuit of truth, transparency, and historical preservation.

Together, we can ensure that our collective voice resonates within the chambers of power and that the integrity of our local history is upheld. Join us in this pivotal moment as we fight for transparency, accountability, and the preservation of our cherished heritage.

Historians and political scholars have joined the chorus of concern, emphasizing the importance of preserving accurate historical accounts free from manipulation. They argue that rewriting history to suit personal agendas erodes the foundation of our democracy and diminishes the lessons we can learn from the birthplace of a significant political movement.

As the investigation unfolds, it remains to be seen what actions will be taken to rectify the situation. The citizens of Ripon and supporters of historical accuracy are rallying together worldwide to ensure that the true story of the birthplace of the Republican Party is protected and that those responsible for any manipulative agenda are held accountable.

The Little White Schoolhouse, once a symbol of political heritage and democratic values, now stands at the center of a growing controversy. Its future hangs in the balance as concerned citizens demand truth, transparency, and justice. The fight to preserve the integrity of the birthplace of the Republican Party has taken on a renewed urgency, fueled by the revelations uncovered in the email and the unwavering commitment of those determined to uphold the significance of this historic landmark.

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